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Rid O' Rust Warranty

General Statement

Because of the nature of the water treatment business, we can warranty our hardware - the pumps, tanks and parts that feed chemicals - but cannot make a blanket guaranty as to the performance of our chemicals in the field. We do warranty that we have provided the appropriate amount of ingredients and that under stated conditions, they should perform as represented. (See below for Rid O' Rust warranty information.)

Many factors over which we have no control affect the performance of our products. Actual well conditions, for instance, may differ from those represented to us when we recommend dosage rates. We have no control over the equipment installation, or the maintenance and service provided to sustain the performance of a Rid O' Rust system. A blanket guaranty of performance, given these conditions, would be inappropriate.

On Rust Stain Prevention

Our Formula chemicals work to prevent rust stains, corrosion and the like by chelating ferrous (clear water) iron in the well water. To the extent that there is ferric iron in the well water, we will not be able to prevent a stain. Generally speaking, ferric iron can be produced in two ways:

* By introducing air, chlorine or any other oxidizing agent into the well water prior to the point that our Formulas are injected.
* By the presence of iron-related bacteria in the well water that produce ferric iron as a by-product of propagation.

It is difficult to test well water to determine the amount of ferric iron present. Iron bacteria, on the other hand, signify their presence by reddish tinged water, slime on pipes, and slime and "sludge" build-up around the joints and fittings of an irrigation system.

As noted elsewhere in our literature, stains are also caused by tannin in the well water. We find that stains can appear with tannin in excess of 3 ppm. Our products do not prevent stains of an organic nature and tannins are organic.

A final point is that "mother nature" can interfere with the best application charts through changes in the water table. We would recommend that users test their water each year to monitor changes in iron, hardness and pH levels.

Rid O' Rust Warranty


For one year from the date of purchase, we will replace any defective part of the Rid O' Rust Feeder System, free of charge through the Rid O' Rust warranty. We reserve the right to provide reconditioned pumps as replacements. Rid O' Rust warranty service is available by contacting your nearest Rid O' Rust products supplier. This Rid O' Rust warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

For more information about our Rid O' Rust warranty, call 1-866-357-5063 or contact us online.

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