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Liquid Fertilizers


LiquidLife Formulas are advanced liquid fertilizers designed for use by landscape professionals to achieve outstanding results in plant nutrition. They stimulate deeper root development so less water is used and gardens and landscapes will be more naturally resistant to disease, pests and drought. LiquidLife is a premium quality liquid plant food concentrate specially formulated to feed gardens, lawns and landscapes through a ProFeeder System. Our innovative Quick Connect cap allows you to exchange fertilizer bottles in seconds. There is no pouring and no mess.

GrassSoGreen is an environmentally-friendly liquid fertilizer designed to be delivered through an American Hydro Feeder System.  

Liquid life comes in several balanced formulations. GrassSoGreen is available in a "green up" formula. Select the one that is just right for your landscape.

LiquidLife 4G
All-Purpose Blend
4-1 Gallon Bottles
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LiquidLife 4G
All-Purpose Blend
2- 2.5 Gallon Bottles
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LiquidLife 4G
All-Purpose Blend
1- 275 Gallon Drum
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4-1 Gallon Bottles


A nitrogen-rich naturally based fertilizer, formulated as an early season green up blend suitable for both cool and warm season grasses.

GrassSoGreen won't burn lawns and its regular doses of small quantities of nutrients provide a beautiful landscape throughout the entire watering season. Designed to be delivered through an American Hydro Feeder System along with Rid O'Rust Stain Prevention Formulas.

Our environmentally friendly liquid fertilizer reduces over application and run off waste. GrassSoGreen is the only fertilizer specifically formulated to be mixed with our preventer formulas for use in American Hydro System feeder systems. Our 19-0-0 formula complies with all States that ban Phosphorus in lawn fertilizers.

Determining GrassSoGreen Dosage

Determine how many months or portions of a month it takes for your feeder system to empty and dose the liquid fertilizer accordingly. Example: if it takes two months for your feeder to empty and you have 2000 square feet of lawn, put two gallons of GrassSoGreen liquid fertilizer into the tank.
Size of Lawn
in Square Feet
Gallons of GrassSoGreen
to be Applied Per Month
1000 0.25
2000 0.50
3000 0.75
4000 1.00
5000 1.25